Canon 60D - Most wanted 5 tests review

Some people asked me to do these tests who are going to get the 60D, and some people told me to upload my previous tests in HD. Hope you guys happy this video test.

I recorded originally at 1080p 25p and that got 495Mb file and when i upload it, Vimeo says 13hrs to finish that upload. Then its not possible with my internet connection and i downres to 720p. and you can download the file also.

(HD 720p is pretty enough to judge these kinda tests)

Also checkout this video in planet5D :

Thanx PlanetMitch for adding my video.

This review featured on 5DmkII Team here :

Thanx 5DmkII Team guys.

Also featured in :

I used no any color correction there, just rendered original Video came out with the cam. and colors are the same as the original file .

All the Camera settings mentioned there and Hope you enjoy this . .


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